Jay Morris

“My psychotherapy approach focuses on the need to meet clients where they are.”

The Talking Cure

I am a psychotherapist who works with adults, couples, adolescents and families in short and long-term psychotherapy.

We all, at some time, experience emotional difficulties in our lives. Sometimes these can be moved through with the support of friends or family, while at other times the problem requires the help of someone like myself to work through the source of the emotional distress. 

The first patient of psychotherapy – Anna O coined the phrase “the talking cure” to describe the process and healing potential of psychotherapy. The curing that takes place from psychotherapy, occurs within a collaborative relationship grown between the patient and their therapist.  The enduring emotional and psychological benefits of psychotherapy are rooted in the growth of this relationship.

If you are currently experiencing difficulties, please contact me to discuss your circumstances and, if appropriate, we will make a time to meet for an initial appointment. I welcome your enquiry.